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What Makes Front Range Pet Stop The Best?

Bluetooth Mobile App

Link™, an amazing breakthrough in pet fencing. With Link you’ll have access to real-time information at your fingertips and so will your Pet Stop Dealer.

Link Makes It All So Easy

Link makes it all so easy. This breakthrough technology forever changes the peace-of-mind you get from your Pet Stop system

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Made in the USA from imported components

Our Pet Stop® products are 100% Manufactured in the USA from imported raw materials and loaded with features. Pet Stop® utilizes cutting-edge technology, revolutionary training techniques.

Lifetime Warranty

A number of patented features makes Pet Stop the Most Advanced and the Most Humane pet fence product on the market.

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Safe Training Method

Rather than attempt to contain your dog with painful zaps, we use a unique, gentle approach that has produced outstanding results. Dogs love the training.!


GentleSteps™ is the safest, most effective training method for pet fences.

Training Method

Pet Stop® Dog Fencing

Pet Stop® is the most advanced electric pet fencing system available on the market. We also offer Invisible Fence® Brand Compatible Replacement parts from Pet Stop

Freedom & Safety

We guarantee that your pet will be safely contained, and in the case that they may need more training we’ll provide it at no additional cost to you

How It Works

All Pet Stop® products are 100% Manufactured in the USA from imported raw materials, in Exeter PA. Our products are built with only the best available materials and use the latest pet fencing technology, ensuring that you’re getting a quality, reliable product that will keep your pet safely and humanely contained while allowing them the freedom to roam your property. Many of our products are multi-brand compatible and work with Invisible Fence® systems!

A Message From the Owners

William Couture & Brian McMillen

Some years ago my family and I were looking to move outside the city and considering a 3 acre property but didn’t know what to do about our 3 dogs, we wanted them to enjoy the freedom of the entire area, but a fence wasn’t an option. I called Pet Stop and received a quote and one day after we moved in the system was installed, and our dogs introduced to their new home. Our Pet Stop dealer emailed to touch base a week later, and I responded with my resume! We no longer had to take stock of where the dogs were before opening a door after only a week, the dogs had lost their desire to bolt for the hills without a glance back! To make a long, fulfilling story brief, from there I joined the team and personally have trained over 600 households, changing the lives of every family member in each home for the better when it comes to the piece of mind they now have for the safety of their Furry Kin!

I completely endorse and back the System, Training and Service Front Range Pet Stop provides!


Will C.


"We have two dogs, a Boxer and a Boston Terrier. This fence has been a great investment! We love watching the dogs run freely around the yard. It did not take long to train them, and they have not run out after people or other dogs.  This morning I turned my house upside down looking for a collar I misplaced.  Will was in the neighborhood, swung by with a detector, found it and restored my sanity.  Thanks so much!!"

Julie Sacco
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Easy Bluetooth Moble App

Introducing Link! With this Bluetooth mobile app you’ll have access to real-time information at your fingertips and so will your Pet Stop Dealer. This breakthrough technology forever changes the peace-of-mind you get from your Pet Stop system.

 We recently moved and hired Front Range Pet Stop to install an underground fence. I was extremely impressed with the professionalism and quality of their work. The technicians, John and Brent, were great and Will showed up just as the fence became operational to provide training to our dog Daisy. To this point everything has gone well. Would certainly recommend Front Range Pet Stop to anyone considering this process.


Nancy Welborn
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Independent Support

For All Other Brands Of Pet Containment

Invisible Fence® Brand Independent Service

Though Front Range Pet Stop is not associated with Invisible Fence® we are fully capable of extending our outstanding customer service to Invisible Fence® Brand customers. For Invisible Fence® Brand customers, we specifically offer Invisible Fence® compatible batteries at a fraction of the cost and  we offer Invisible Fence® trade in specials

Dog Guard®, Dog Watch® or PetSafe®.

We provide independent support for all brands such as Invisible Fence®, Dog Watch®, Dog Guard®, and PetSafe® as well as all other hidden electric dog fencing system brands.

Contact Front Range Pet Stop today to find out pricing for upgrading to a Pet Stop® fencing system!

Did you know you can trade in your existing dog fence system for Pet Stop®?

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"I have a pointer who was jumping an old chain link fence and running all over the neighborhood. Called a few invisible fence places and got answering machines. Front Range Pet Stop answered right away, and worked with my schedule to come out quickly.

The fence works great right away, my crazy dog is staying at home now.
I worked with Will on pricing, installation, and training, and he was awesome. Really easy to work with, patient with q & a, all around great experience."


Gigi L.

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