Front Range Pet Stop is reborn in Denver!

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Max and Brian hanging out after some disc golf.  We played Northern Colorado
University that day and were relaxing a bit.

My name is Brian. I and my long time friend of 25 years Will purchased Front Range Pet Stop, a business that has been operating in Colorado for over 15 years, this spring. We install and service buried electric fence for dogs in the Denver area as well many mountain areas and eastern plains locations.

“In no time at all he was enjoying helping recreate his positive experience…”


Will worked at Pet Stop for over 3 years via St. Louis Dog Fence. He has a classic story not often heard these days. After moving to the St. Louis area he found himself in need of a dog fence system that would help him contain his three dogs. He had a large yard and did not want any part in constructing an obtrusive expensive above ground fence to protect his four legged friends. Instead he looked around and researched his alternatives. His solution, Pet Stop underground electric dog fence. he found their product and service very competitive and at a compelling price point. After the install and training he realized he purchased a very effective hidden dog fence.

Responding to a follow up email he sent his resume in to St. Louis Dog Fence. He knew from his experience that he wanted to help other people get the kind of satisfaction and piece of mind that comes with his pet safe dog fence. In no time at all he enjoyed helping recreate his positive experience with the people in and around St. Louis. In that time he trained dogs in hundreds of households to the Pet Stop system with the gentle steps method.

Will moved back to Denver this spring and we teamed up to purchase the local Pet Stop dealership. Our goal is to bring an unparalleled stress free invisible pet fence experience to our friends and neighbors in Colorado. Pet Stop designs and manufactures all parts and equipment in Reading Pennsylvania so your purchase supports 2 local businesses!

Max provides consultation and training while I insure that you receive the best possible installation for Front Range Pet Stop. I’m your go to for repairs and continued smooth operation. Our focus is on providing customers with unparalleled service with an emphasis on personal attention to their needs and schedule. Will excels at underground pet fence training and is enthusiastic about making sure your dog is comfortable during the training process. Our customers have been very satisfied and have let us know we are taking care of them and their dog’s needs. We also have solutions for cat owners who would like to have certain indoor areas off limits to their feline companions because some of us are cat people!

Will of front range pet stop works with Bruce and Gracie
Will works with Bruce on his second
training. Gracie is watching closely,
she’ll be ready for training when she’s
a little older. Brian and Max are off
screen providing a distraction.

I wrote this blog for pet owners in the Denver area, specifically I will take Max, my own personal pocket pup, out and about. We plan on visiting dog friendly venues that welcome our 4 legged friends. I hope to include restaurants/breweries, farmers markets, and parks in and around the area. I’ll also take Max paddle boarding and disc golfing. If you have questions or places you’d like Max to visit let me know!

Front range pet stop can help you with your cat and dog
We also have solutions for cat
owners who would like to have
certain indoor areas off limits