Getting help can help!

5 Steps to Help Discipline Your Dog: Last Word

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Remember that you don’t have to go it alone. Finally, don’t forget that you aren’t on your own. Share the difficult times with friends or family, sometimes you just need a space to offload. Or you can seek out help from a professional trainer or ask a vet to recommend a good behaviorist. It is easy to feel that it …

Time doesn't matter to dogs.

5 Steps to Help Discipline Your Dog: #5

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Let the process take it’s own time. Stop thinking you aren’t doing enough. I encourage owners falling into this mindset to instead accept that they are doing their best and that’s what really matters. Turn your thinking so that you feel grateful for a dog that teaches you so much. Wanting to impress others over a certain time schedule may …

Small steps add up over time.

5 Steps to Help Discipline Your Dog: #4

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Walk before your try and run. Rather than allowing training to overwhelm you, take a moment to remind yourself that all the little wins add up. Set small tasks like working on a command or skill for a little while that day without putting pressure on an end goal from that training as this is often what overwhelms people. And …