Wire Gets Cut by City Workers!

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City workers cutting drainage footers next to driveway cut the fence wire.
They did a great job making the expansion cut, and they almost missed the wire!

I showed up at our customers residence today not knowing that city workers had cut their fence wire. I didn’t notice the orange markings on the drainage footings down by the drive way when I arrived. Come to find they had been out here to ad expansion joints to the concrete, and did a nice job of it. I’m sure they had no idea there was a wire at the end of the driveway but they were so careful they didn’t even cut the entire wire in half!

Picture shows that the insulation is still attached at the back of the wire but the copper is cut all the way through.
The insulation is still intact!

Upon closer inspection I saw that though the wire was technically in on piece, the copper wire at the center had been cut all the way through. This of course caused the transmitter to alarm. Unfortunately I have no way of bridging a cut wire in the middle of a drive way cut so the entire stretch of wire across the driveway had to be replaced.

I always take my time when working across a driveway to ensure the wire stays out of sight and save below the surface. When all was said and done the owners couldn’t tell I’d been there and the fence was back up and running. Teddy was safe to get back outside and enjoy a beautiful Colorado spring day.

Teddy is happy to get back outside and enjoy the freedom of his Pet Stop fenced yard.
Teddy gets to go back outside in less than 24 hours!

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