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Back 9 West Fork Disc Golf Course

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Holes 10 and 11

Welcome to the back 9 of West Fork Disc Golf Course in Highlands Ranch Colorado. Hole 10 is out of the trees, therefore there’s no shade but its wide open to the basket. I have it marked in the picture above but it’s tough to spot even standing on the tee. Even at it’s longer placement this throw isn’t too bad with the help of the hill, but there’s a catch. Do your best to keep the nose down and keep the hyzer wide otherwise you’ll find yourself wide left and short. Take what I said about hole 10 and repeat with the same disc when you come to hole 11.

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12 and 13

Hole 12 sits right in front of you so ya gotta try and get it close! This was the only hole set on the green tee. Grab your trusty putter or mid and smooth it down the fairway. Hole 13 on the other hand is tucked over to the right of the tee. A trusty forehand hyzer if you have it or if your like me a turned over backhand gets the job done. It’s not all that far so go for it because there’s a built in backstop!

west fork golf course highlands ranch colorado 14
Max can’t wait to get down to the basket so he can get his paws wet in the creek! That really helps keep his temp comfortable.

Hole 14!

This is a really fun hole. The distance from the tee puts it inside a lot of players range, add that it’s downhill and even more of us have it in range. The keys are these:

  1. Get the right disc for the job. I like my stable NS Firebird because it will come back to the left every time.
  2. Shape the shot by getting the nose of the disc down so it won’t flair out short and left.
  3. Power up just enough otherwise you’ll find the ravine just left of the basket.
west fork golf course highlands ranch colorado 15
Oh look, it’s another down hill throw!

Hole 15

I have to say job well done on this hole. It’s a bit of a hike to get around to the 15th tee pad but your rewarded with another great chance to thrown down hill. 345′ is a pretty good distance and it looks like it’s way down there but it’s similar on the last hole accept that you get a flat green! Follow the tips on the last hole with a straighter disc perhaps. Take note that the ravine is long of the basket.

Hole 16

Hole 16 at West Fork Disc Golf Course gets back to basics because there’s little between you and the basket. However, when I was there it played as a long par 3 at 423′ with gusty swirly winds. I went with the all out hyzer myself, that way I don’t have to get close to that sneaky bush creeping on the left side. A straight shot might just come out a little early right into that catchers mitt pretending to be shrubbery.

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  • west fork golf course highlands ranch colorado 17

Hole 17

Hole 17 gives us a chance to practice the blind drive. With the basket set in par 4 country give it your best spin that takes you to the right around the hill. After that prepare for another long uphill throw to the basket. The miss that I made was hyzering into the rough to the left of the basket, unfortunately the rough over there is thick so watch out.

 west fork golf course highlands ranch colorado hole 18
Click the picture above to see the basket video reveal.

The 18th Hole

Nothing all that special about the 18th hole other than it’s down hill and you can see your car waiting for you in the parking lot! I got a little vid to give the full effect. 360′ slightly down hill gives a lot of folks a chance at birdy on the last hole. It looks down hill but don’t get fooled because it’s easy to finish short and left.


Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my back 9 West Fork Disc Golf Course walk through in Highlands Ranch. I really enjoyed playing this course, and more importantly Max had a really easy time getting around all 18 holes. The facility is pretty much new and well thought out. Even though is says on the score card below that it was 2 mph wind, I beg to differ. It wasn’t howling at all but I would have guessed more like 7 with gusts and some swirling going on with the topography. A number of times I had my up-shot or putt affected by the wind. However, I don’t see that as a negative, just something to be aware of.

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UDisc has been on my phone almost as long as I’ve been playing. With it’s interactive score card feature married with GPS mapping of the course it couldn’t be more convenient. It will also help you find new courses and then help you map there. If your visiting from out of town it’s an essential tool when disc golf is on the itinerary.