Beaver Ranch Disc Golf Course 15-21

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Max seems to be mixed up on where the 15th hole is at beaver ranch disc golf course
Max seems to be mixed up on where the next hole is!

Hello and thank you for checking out the last 7 holes of Beaver Ranch Disc Golf Course. Below are holes 15 through 21 which give a taste of everything Beaver Ranch has to offer! We get more challenge from trees and downhill tee shots with open sunshine and elevation change thrown in for good measure.

Hole 15

  • 15th hole sign beaver ranch disc golf course

Time for the dramatic 15th hole. To get the most challenge from this hole take the long tee, it doesn’t add much length but it creates what amounts to a double mando. Once your shot clears the close trees take care because flex shots run the risk of clipping trees down the right side. Hyzer shots that finish far left flirt with OB and the 7th fairway.

# 16

  • 16th sign beaver ranch disc golf course
  • Straight shot to gold, flex right to silver

The 16th hole is another tree fest so get the right disc and take aim. You can access the short basket with a forehand, but I tend to make due with an under-stable backhand throw. Straight up the gut and maybe a couple feet down hill to the long basket, so it’s a easy birdy when you get the throw and disc right.


  • The 17th sign and tee beaver ranch disc golf course
  • beaver ranch disc golf course

The 17th hole is a legit ace run for those playing the silver basket, gold basket not so much. Get your favorite putter and float one down to the silver basket because at 201′ down hill most of us can easily make the distance. However, trees dominate the landscape and they punish off line shots from the tee. Gold basket is mostly hidden behind trees off the tee. It takes a late breaking shot that threads the center and finishes right or some lucky miss-fire that finds its way through the trees on the right side, like mine that day : D

18th hole but not the last hole

  • 18th hole sign. beaver ranch disc golf course
  • There's a couple of ways through, none easy.

After the hill climb to the 18th tee you’re rewarded with a tee shot in jail! The pictures show a gap in the trees that allow you to land a shot on the meadow beyond the trees, but when standing on the tee that gap looks mighty small and far away because it is! Most tree hits like to roll down the sidehill left. If you find yourself in that situation know that the gold basket is pretty open from down there, however the silver basket hides behind trees and sits up hill to boot.


  • 19th tee sign beaver ranch disc golf course
  • 19th tee box and fairway.

At this point in the round take a second and realize this throw plays more uphill than is looks. Other than that enjoy a more open fairway to the silver basket. Getting to the gold basket involves going right past the silver basket with more uphill to boot. Keep an eye on the right side of the fairway as you make your way to the basket because you’ll see the path back to the 20th bee box.


  • 20th tee sign beaver ranch disc golf course
  • Up and to the right
  • A nice view of the fairway trees and lanes.

Second to the last hole makes sure we pay attention to the elevation. On the picture above I show my usual path straight up the fairway with a disc that flexes right toward the basket because I have tended to play the silver basket on this hole. The rest of the basket settings are back down the sidehill to the right. Upon closer inspection I see that there might be a sneaky hyzer throw that takes the up hill out of the throw by working around the side hill but it looks tight around that side.

The 21st and last hole!

  • The 21st hole tee sign beaver ranch disc golf course
  • 21st fairway

The last hole of Beaver Ranch Disc Golf Course does not disappoint on the memorability factor. Shots off the tee have to make there way down the hill so they don’t stall and finish short and left. Next is the shot shape of which I tend to play the two illustrated above. I think the big hyzer is the best way to access the gold basket or the silver but the inside flex up the center is just so satisfying. Either way going downhill helps with the distance and birdy puts are always my favorite way to end a round so go for it!

The way down and to the car.

Getting down from the last hole back to the parking lot is a bit of a walk but not bad, at least you walk down hill most of the way! Follow the path on the right side hill to keep off the 1st hole and avoid discs. You’ll recognize where you are once you see the 1st tee pad.

Thank you!

Max at beaver ranch disc golf course

Thanks so much for taking the time to have a look at my walk through of Beaver Ranch Disc Golf Course. Max and I had a blast playing and photographing the course. Thanks to my girlfriend Michelle for helping me with Max and listening to me talk about how cool the course is. I’d like to make a special thanks to Front Range Pet Stop for making this blog possible. The guys at F R P S are local and dedicated to bringing the best service to the front range when it comes to hidden fences for dogs and cats, yes cats. All their equipment is manufactured in the USA and it is a veteran owned business. So, the next time you or someone you know needs to keep the dogs in the yard without an expensive unsightly above ground fence make sure to give Front Range Pet Stop a call.