Ginger and Baker invites you and your dog to breakfast lunch and dinner.

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ginger and baker coffee bar entrance
This entrance takes you into the coffee bar section of the restaurant.

Hello and welcome to this weeks dog blog entry. Today I’ll be walking through Ginger and Baker in Fort Collins Colorado. This is a dog friendly eatery that serves food all day and has options especially for those of us who like to take our furry friends with us.

What’s on the menu

  • ginger and baker front menu
  • ginger and baker menu main
  • ginger and baker dog bowls

After being seated your given a fun news paper menu. There are lots of good looking options on this menu, my choice was the Cubano sandwich with side salad. Though it took a while to get it when I did it was fabulous, the salad was fresh and the sammy was well grilled. The stone ground mustard was especially nice and I recommend extra on the side.

Turn to the back of the menu for beverage choices as well as the dog menu! There are three dog bowls that run between $8 and $9. Max was not with me that day and I didn’t see what the portion is like but for the price I’d like to think they’d be generous. Next no the menu were the three treats for $2 to $3. This looks like what I’d get for Max, he’s little and doesn’t really need a lot extra in his diet.

Where my dogs?

  • coffee bar entrance and dog patio ginger and baker
  • ginger and baker dog patio
  • ginger and baker dog patio overflow

The dog patio is located to the right of the café entrance. There’s room for 4 or 5 tables in the covered area with an over flow area that adds as much again. The patio is a nice touch to a well thought out design.

What’s outside

  • ginger and baker front entrance restaurant
  • ginger and baker bike corral

The main entrance to the eatery is fixed up with an old fashioned work truck out front that adds to the rustic charm of he establishment. Behind the truck is another patio with outdoor seating which attaches to the interior with a big roll up glass door that is just fun. And, to add to the goodness free parking is provided across the street! If your local and riding a bicycle there’s a nice bike corral to keep your two wheel ride safe.


Here we have the coffee bar. There’s room for lots of folks along the bar areas so getting something quick looks pretty comfy. Interestingly there’s a teaching kitchen at the back of the coffee bar. I’m not up to speed on what they have to offer but I will do a follow up to this visit with another. this time I’ll make sure that max is with me.

Max is looking forward to getting a treat at Ginger and Baker!

More to come…