I return to keto cycle after months off.

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This guy looks like me!

Today is the day that I start getting back into ketosis after month off of the diet. The last few months have seen me slowly getting into carb rich foods as my urges have driven me to enjoy some of the foods that I will be letting go of while cycling into ketosis and maintaining ketosis for a period of time. I haven’t decided how long I will stay in ketosis, usually I like to listen to my bio feedback and let it guide me. I do have a goal of reaching 160 lbs and staying there for a period of time before easing off full on ketosis.

At this point I will be changing my diet over the next three weeks, I feel that rushing my body into ketosis is uncomfortable and possibly not healthy. So, I like three weeks to ease myself into a ketogenic metabolic state. Along with a move away from carbs and into fats I’ll also be using some intermittent fasting, or as I’ve seen it called “intermittent eating”.

Also, I will post my daily weigh-in’s and weekly pics. I suppose the pics aren’t really necessary but I want them for myself and felt that I’d share them with anyone interested in seeing my progress. Along with the diet I am incorporating my dumbbell workout back into my semi daily routine and tracking my steps along the way for good measure. I’ll share my workout details in case anyone is interested.

So, the big deal today is my first weigh in at 168.8 which is a little lower than I expected. Yesterday I was just over 170 but was full of water weight which is what happens when I am eating more carbs then usual. A body tends to keep extra H20 stored in the body so that it has enough to metabolize the sugars. For me I find that water collecting in my skin and fat cells.

Here is my starting point visually. I am usually pretty tough on myself when it comes to photos, and this is no exception. Many guys my age might feel really good about this pic but I know what I looked like a couple of months ago and this isn’t it. But, at the same time, I realize just how much better I look than I did before I started my first foray into keto dieting two years ago. Fortunately or not I lost all the pics I took during that time when my phone stopped working with 4 years of photos on it! Note to everyone, backup that stuff if you really want to keep it. So many pictures lost forever, and no emoji to express myself!

Food intake for today 10/25/21.
Breakfast; 349 cal; 24.9g fat; 11.8g protein; 9g net carbs.

I make myself a special latte every morning. This is a keto styled latte make with heavy cream and fair life whole milk. The stats are as follows: 349 cal; 24.9g fat; 11.8g protein; 9g net carbs. This is my morning usual after a couple cups of tea. I put a bit of grass fed ghee butter into my first cup of tea in the morning but I don’t count this as calories for the day. I understand that when consumed this way the butter moves through the digestive system without any other food eaten along with the tea.