What I like to have after tea in the morning.

Week 1 results for my keto reset.

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So, here are the tracker results and exercise for week 1. I have screen shots of my daily macro totals from Total Keto. I also have an average for my week one weigh-ins.

These are my macros for the week minus Saturday. I settled 1904 calories when I originally lost my weight and these macros were my daily goals as well. So I had intended to ease my way into hitting my goals but found myself back in my old ways pretty much from day one with 98 calories to spare! I didn’t intend this and was supposed to ease myself into the diet but the body remembers. I found myself easily going too long between meals.

Thursday was a reminder to watch myself.

Thursday was the best example of me trying to force my body into keto. I started with Morning coffee latte. It’s a good keto start to the day but I didn’t think that I wasn’t really in keto yet and that I had to watch for low blood sugar. I tried to cure that with a kind bar, but it was only 180 calories and I worked that morning and into the afternoon.

It wasn’t enough fuel and to make matters worse, the weather was cool but dry and I didn’t notice myself become dehydrated. When in keto my body can deal with this much more easily than when burning sugar. The reason being that keto uses my body fat much more easily and doesn’t require as much water to process as carbs.

  • What I like to have after tea in the morning.
  • a pretty good snack
  • List do dinner items

Exercise is a must.

I did get a good amount of exercise.
Monday:8102 steps and three tiered workout totaling over 1 hour. Each tier is a circuit of lifts, most with dumbbells and some body weight. I’ll go into more detail about my workout later, but I will say that it is made up of a total of 11 separate exercises done with a minimum of time between each lift.
Tuesday: 3393 steps and not all that much else that day.
Wednesday: 4930 steps and a one tiered workout session totaling 30 mins.
Thursday: 8360 steps and worked that day. I had a more difficult install at work than usual. This day I under ate and drank became hypoglycemic and dehydrated, both easy to avoid and both easy to fall into.
Friday: 8855 steps and worked that day.
Saturday: 7802 steps and worked that day as well.
Sunday: 3093 steps and rested that day.