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How to keep a cat out of a Christmas tree?

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Luna wears a pet stop collar
Luna and her Lion pal.

Allow me to introduce you to a furry friend of mine. Luna is my Girlfriend’s kitty and she is something else. As you can see she is cute but also quite intense. It took me a long time to get in Luna’s good graces. As a very private kitty she tended to exist under her bed or in another room. She did have a very bad habit however, and it took Front Range Pet Stop to get it under control. And it helped keep the cat out of the Christmas tree.

The problem with Luna

The problem was around before I came into the picture. Luna had a history of using different things for litterboxes, including of all things a leather couch Michelle had. Letting go of the couch was not a big issue. But, replacing it was an issue due to the possibility she’d return to the scene of the crime and reoffend. To make matters worse a new cat had been introduced to the household recently and he was getting into the action as well. That’s where Front Range Pet Stop enters the scene.

A solution for Luna

Luna gives attitude as she wears her pet stop collar unit
As you can see, she’s full of attitude and cuteness.

Though it’s hard to see, there is a correction collar hidden in all that fluff we like to call Luna. Though she likes to give me the evil eye I don’t hold it against her : ) The collar works in conjunction with an in-home unit that creates an exclusionary zone around whatever you want to protect. We placed it under the new couch, put a protective cover on it, and waited to see what would happen.

There wasn’t much to see as it turns out. Luna is a sneaky kitty and always never seen getting close to the couch. We did catch the roomies kitty make an attempt at summiting the couch, but he never got close enough to touch it. The collar produces a tone and mild correction if the kitty goes into the zone. In the 5 months since we put the system in place not one “accident” has occurred and Luna has responded by coming out of her shell.

  • Luna and the kittyskellington
  • baby Yoda smells
  • where's the Luna Kitty
  • Luna looks like she has mittens
  • and there's an extra claw!

Luna is very much herself, but she has become more outgoing than she was before. We have seen over time that the collar works. This fact eased some pretty serious anxiety experienced due to the problem. Now that we solved the problem Luna is more social, there’s no replacement couch costs, and Michelle can enjoy her kitty without worry.

Keep the cat out of the Christmas tree!

We all know about the family that has issues with their cat and the Christmas tree because we’re one of them. This holiday season there’s a solution. Contact Front Range Pet Stop and keep your holiday stress free and your cat out of the tree. And just in case you have a dog problem at Thanksgiving, it works for them to!

Help create some relaxation in your house this Christmas season.