Walk through CCU DGC with Max

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Colorado Christian University Disc Golf Course CCU DGC

Hi there and welcome to a walk through of CCU DCG with my ever faithful puperoni Max. We had a beautiful day to get out and play a couple loops of this fun and at times challenging 9 hole course. It’s located just off of Wadsworth and Alameda in Lakewood Colorado. Max and I have played this course easily dozens of times over the last few years.


The first tee.

The first hole at CCU, 230′, gives you a couple of looks off the tee.


Hole 225′, is short and tricky. I try and get the disk up and flexing to the right so that it straightens out and finishes kind of straight and to the left where the basket is located. If you miss your shot there are trees to the right to hit as well as the third hole tee pad to the left. If you bomb it long there is Alameda Avenue hanging out back there.



Hole 3, 331′, is a wide open hyzer shot, just don’t get caught with an over-stable driver that leaves you left in the trees. If you do get over to the left keep an eye for your disc’s landing place as there are ample trees and bushes there.



Good news on the 4th hole, 505′. The school cut down all the trees on the right hand side for the second year in a row. This means that it’s much easier to throw a hyzer over the right and land in the clear. If you leave it right and land in there be careful, the trees grow some pretty gnarly thorns. But after all is said and done it’s still easy to miss your second shot for a long par put.



Hole 5 is pretty wide open and at 245′ you can take your favorite route to the basket. Just remember that it is slightly uphill so don’t get caught up short.


Hole 6 is 250′ with a large tree not quite between the tee and the basket. I like to take my Sexton Thunderbird on a low an-hyzer that flexes right of the tree and then stables up and finishes left to the basket. I parked it right under the basket the day I played.


Hole 7 is another long 484′ feet par 3. Get the drive as far down as you can while missing the ditch that runs down the middle in an arch. The right side of the ditch gives great angles to the basket but can leave you with bad footing. To the left of the ditch is flat and has good footing but then you have to work around the bushes and trees down by the basket.



Hole 8 is the second longest hole on the course at 502′, but it usually seems like the most difficult to par. With trees in the visual path of the shot it is easy to over compensate to the right or left in an attempt to avoid the trees. Alternatively I have tried to get over straight only to get the nose of the disc up and stall out early and left. My best strategy is to turn over a high shot that can stabilize and get good distance, that way my next shot is manageable.


Hole 9 measures up at 391′. Once again the shot is to work around the trees in the middle of the fairway and then back to the middle. Careful throwing a flex down the right side. Many times the slight head wind keeps the shot turned over and the second shot is blocked by the second set of cottonwoods down the fairway.

  • CCU DGC #9
Quite a good time to get in a round on such a beautiful day.
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