Keto Reset Diet 11-15/11-21

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Diet tracker week 4 keto reset diet. First thing I noticed upon further inspection of my tracker is my fat intake is getting closer to spec. Next thing I noticed is that my carbs are over spec still which means that my keto readings have been very low to no. This does not really bother me at this point as I have been loosing weight pretty consistently for the start of a diet. Also, because I stayed in ketosis for months when I first lost the weight, I feel that going full keto may not me necessary to reach my weight goal.


Average weight for this week of the keto reset diet is 164.4. Compared to last week’s average of 164.8 I’m down almost a half pound for the week. In my estimation that’s great news. On my fourth week of this cycle I’m down a total of 4.4 lbs! This feels like progress to me and I don’t even feel like I’m trying all that hard at this point. I shouldn’t get ahead of myself though, next week is thanksgiving and I don’t plan on being all that hard on myself. If I can hold steady for the week I’ll count it a positive.


11-15: 8431 steps, 3.82 miles
11-16: 8668 3.93 Three tier workout, up one weight on second circuit.
11-17: 4318 1.95
11-18: 3179 1.44
11-19: 3123 1.41
11-20: 7872 3.57 Three tier workout, up one weight on second circuit.
11-21: 3112 1.41

My almost vintage set of BowFlex adjustable weights.
These are my vintage BowFlex adjustable weights. Click the pic to see what new ones look like. Look for selectech 552 dumbbells.

Old Circuit Routine

As you may recall from my last post it started as 9 exercises. Along with the circuit exercises I have added the weights that I used as my base or starting point/warm up.

  1. 15lbs Side arm raises.
  2. 17.5lbs Front arm raises.
  3. 20lbs Triceps lift behind head.
  4. 22.5lbs Military press.
  5. 25lbs Curls.
  6. 30lbs Bent double rows.
  7. Pushups using dumbbells as grips with extra reps for no weight.
  8. Crunches with oblique alternative sides with extra reps.
  9. 30lbs Challis squat.

As you may know, these adjustable dumbbells go up 2.5lbs until you get to 25lbs, then it’s 5lbs up to 50. This was the core of my workout routine. My goal was to do at least one of these a day, and in 15 minutes. When I got to the point I wanted to do more I’d do two in a row in about 30 minutes. As I advanced I got to a 3 circuit workout in 45 minutes. Next I advanced the weights one setting higher on the second circuit, then back down to the original weight for the third. This is my three tier circuit workout, but today I am using a new routine that I’ll go into detail about next week.

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