Westcreek DGC, a walk through with Max 1-6

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West Creek DGC in Parker Colorado is a lot of fun!

West Creek DCG main sign

Welcome to my walkthrough of West Creek DGC in Parker Colorado. Accompanying me as always is my trusty side kick and all around good boy Max. West Creek is located just off of Parker road so it is pretty easy to find. And, as a bonus, a huge dog park is right next door so enjoy!


  • West Creek DGC #1

The first hole is straight up and a little to the left to get around the little tree guarding the basket. At 368′ most folks can a least get up there pretty close,but a good throw can get ya a birdy put.


  • West Creek DGC #2

Hole 2 has a drainage retention area to the left side. I recommend doing your best to keep it right so that you second shot is up top instead of down low.


  • West Creek DGC #3

Hole 3 isn’t all that long. But, the basket is located directly on top of the mound hill just over 300′ off the tee. I have yet to land one on the hill for an easy birdy put. But have missed many times from the bottom of the mound.


  • West Creek DGC #4

The first thing you notice walking up to the tee pad is that someone left a big mound of dirt right in the way of your tee shot. Then the approach shot finds the basket located on a hill that encourages missed putts to roll down and into the long grass below. I don’t have a good pic of that basket at the moment, but I will update the next time Max and I go play West Creek.


  • West Creek DGC #5

The first mando of the course forces you to get your drive to the right of the post. Then get it to get stable around the mando and down to the hill to the basket below. There is a nice collection area around the basket but as you can see in my second pic above. I found the two bushes guarding at the top of the hill.


  • West Creek DGC #6

Back to some mound action on hole #6. Here you can kind of see from the picture that there are two low mounds with a cut between them. At under 300′ I suggest grabbing something nice and straight and laser one right down between the hills because nothing is more fun than a long straight shot, right?

That’s it for this installment. Max and I will be back next week with 7-12 of the West Creek DGC in Parker Colorado.

Thanks so much to Front Range Pet Stop for making this and all my blog posts possible!