Is Keto necessary Keto Reset Diet 11/22-28

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Keto Reset Diet 11/22-28

Keto reset diet week, Thanksgiving. One of the most dreaded weight loss weeks of the year. There’s so much to the holiday personally and socially. That doesn’t even mention all of the good food, some of which is only really available this time of year. Adding the stress of counting/weighing to my holiday made no sense so there are no calorie counts for Thursday through Sunday.

  • KetoResetDietNecessary 11-22
  • KetoResetDietNecessary 11-23
  • KetoResetDietNecessary 11/24
  • KetoResetDietNecessary 11/25
  • KetoResetDietNecessary 11/26
  • KetoResetDietNecessary 11/27
  • KetoResetDietNecessary 11/28

I went through this last year which was the first holiday season after loosing the bulk of my weight. I didn’t record anything last year because I was still pretty careful about being in ketosis. This year I have been recording my diet much more carefully because when I tried on my favorite pair of fleece lined jeans, surprise, a bit tight for comfort.

Is keto necessary?

I intended on taking three weeks to get myself fully into keto reset diet but I haven’t fulfilled that intention according to the tests I have taken. Instead I’ve been keeping my carbs low but not keto low. For me right now that means between 50 and 100 grams of carbs per day. I rarely go over 100 grams on a recorded day but there are a number of unrecorded days that I am sure were over 100g carbs. Because I have seen my weight still coming down I haven’t stressed severe carb restriction yet, just sugar restriction.

That doesn’t mean that I’ve not been in ketosis intermittently. The test strips I use aren’t super accurate, and to be honest they are a bit out of date which may affect their sensitivity. I feel that I am able to slip into ketosis while fasting which I do intermittently, but I haven’t been great about testing at those times. That is something that I can improve. My goal for this cycle is to hit and stick 160lbs, if I have a plateau I can easily drop myself into ketosis by reducing what few carbs I eat.


Brian and max too

So, how did I do for Thanksgiving? Well, I didn’t really do a lot of weighing. To keep from stressing myself out and knowing that much of the weight gain would be temporary water gain, I skipped Thursday through Sunday. My average weight for the days I recorded is 164.1lbs minus last weeks aver of 164.4lbs equals .03lbs loss for the week! It is true that I’ll have to see how things truly shake out next week but I’m not worried.

The days I didn’t record my keto reset diet weren’t chocked full of non-stop eating. While I did allow myself some things that weren’t on my plan, I did follow some strict portion control. I got the items I really wanted to eat which I enjoyed. I ate only a portion of what I once would have which felt like a huge success. Over all I count my Thanksgiving dinner and subsequent eating as a positive experience that I allowed myself to fully experience and enjoy.


  • 11/22 2854 steps 1.29 miles
  • 11/23 7715 3.49 three tier workout aprox 60mins
  • 11/24 2707 1.22
  • 11/25 2801 1.27
  • 11/26 3617 1.67
  • 11/27 3929 1.78
  • 11/28 2938 1.33

My exercise falls inline pretty well with my diet this week because there was only one structured exercise for the week. I got up and moved about thanks in large part to my faithful side kick and pocket puppy, the original “Baby Doggie”, Max. Since I have had Max I can safely estimate that we walk well over a mile a day, times 365 days a year, times the 9 years I’ve he’s been with me equals 3285 extra miles walked at a minimum! After a good walk Max enjoys a bit of down time with a quick nap.

New circuit routine

My new circuit has evolved into a total of 11 exercises.
1. 0lbs Crunches with oblique alternative sides,16 reps.
2. 15lbs Side arm raises, 12 reps.
3. 17.5lbs Front arm raises, 12 reps.
4. 20lbs Triceps lift behind head,12 reps.
5. 22.5lbs Military press, 12 reps.
6. 25lbs Single bent row, 12 reps.
7. 0lbs 2nd set of crunches, 16 reps.
8. 25lbs Biceps curls,12 reps.
9. 30lbs Bent double row, 12 reps.
10. 0lbs Pushups using dumbbells as grips,16 reps.
11. 30lbs Challis squat, 12 reps.

Blocks are the foundation of my workout.

I have included the starting weight amounts and repetitions that I lift on my warm-up circuit. This circuit constitutes the basic building block for my routine. If I do nothing else I like to throw in one circuit completed in 20 minutes during the day. In the beginning my goal was the 15 minute circuit once day. That evolved naturally into a three block routine which I use mostly at this time.

I complete my first circuit at the weights above in 20 minutes, then I repeat but with each weight setting advanced to the next available weight. Effectively this means that I start at 17.5lbs and end at 35lbs. Again I do my best to finish the circuit in 20 minutes or faster. By this point in the workout I look for some good breathing and a little perpetration.

The third block is a cool-down. I return to the starting weights and crank out another repetition in 20 minutes. Currently I’m not pushing myself any harder than this. The point is to get comfortable with the 60 minute workout routine and feel good at the end. Soon I can advance to a four block 80 minute routine.

That’s all for now

Thanks to Front Range Pet Stop for making this and all my blogs possible!