Westcreek DGC 7-12, Parker Colorado

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Welcome to Westcreek DGC 7 – 12 in Parker Colorado

Thank you for coming back to view my walkthrough of Westcreek DGC 7-12 in Parker Colorado with my best puparoo Max. We had a pretty good day for our game, but by the 7th hole the clouds had rolled in and the temperature dropped about 5 to 10 degrees. Though this didn’t pose a problem it did change the character of the game as the wind calmed a bit as the temp dropped.

Westcreek DGC 7-12

Hole #7

  • West Creek DGC 7-12 #7

Hole #7 is a real treat and perhaps the most fun throw on Westcreek DGC 7-12. The player is faced with a downhill throw but also with trees guarding left and right approach shots. Add to this recipe the possibility of swirling wind buffered by the ability to drive the basket and you have all the ingredients of a epic shot in the making.

Hole #8

  • West Creek DGC 7-12 #8

Westcreek DGC’s second mando is placed straight off the tee between you and the basket. Fortunately a straight shot to about 200-250′ get you past the mando and in a great position to attack the basket. That second shot will be uphill and may have some interesting wind effects due to the change in elevation that runs down the right side of the hole. I plan on getting a couple of better pics than the ones I have here and updating at that time.

Hole #9

  • West Creek DGC 7-12 #9

At 400′ hole 9 may hardly feel like a par 4 and for many perhaps it isn’t. However, if the wind blows straight off the open space from the south, a drive must fight against gusts easily over 20mph. This does feel more like a par 4 under those conditions, and I’ve played there many day that forced me to learn to throw that stable disk just so into the wind. Also to consider are the two mounds on either side of the green.

For those seeking to play 9 holes you’ll conveniently find yourself back by the parking lot. If it’s not busy I have finished solo 9s in 30 min lunch hour time. For those taking on all 18 just head toward the dog park.

Hole #10

  • West Creek DGC 7-12 #10

The elevation change that neatly divides the course into two places the basket below the level of the tee. The logs are on top of the hill while the basket is just below the hill. Beware that the hot southern wind that blows during the summer as it can make discs fly under-stable and land just over the fence to the right.

Hole #11

  • West Creek DGC 7-12 #11

Back up the hill and on the 11th tee we see a fun downhill shot with a huge cottonwood tree guarding the basket. One may approach from either side but the left is more open and accessible. I however tend to get my shot too turned over and find myself on the right side like I did this particular day as the photo record shows. When in this position look out for a geo marker designated with a red X above. It is easy to miss and likes to knock puts away from the basket.

Hole #12

  • West Creek DGC 7-12 #12

More logs protect and hide the basket on #13. Other than that it’s straight forward and not to far down there. Find and walk toward the flag pole to find the tee pad for 14.

Thanks so much for checking out my walkthrough of Westcreek DGC 7-12. I’ll have the final 6 holes of the course up soon for your off season disc golf entertainment.

Holes 13-18 coming up soon!

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