Keto Reset Diet #5

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Keto Reset Diet #5

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Welcome to Keto Reset Diet #5. In reviewing my diet for the week I feel that I’m pretty much on track with a relaxed take on my keto diet. Carb levels are looking pretty good coming in under 75 grams every day I tracked. I did give myself a free day once again. At this point my focus is more on slow steady progress than dropping lbs ASAP. I feel that it is less stress on my body and it helps me to enjoy my life.


My one month comparison pics.

Ok here is my one month comparison pics. I’m not sure how I feel when looking at the comparison. After so long being overweight my mind has difficulty seeing myself completely objectively. So instead of judging myself based on these pictures I put on the fleece lined jeans that initially informed me that my belly had increased since last winter. That experience informed me that I really have shrunk down, the jeans are still a bit snug, but not in a way that is uncomfortable nor does it create a muffin top situation, so yay!

My weight situation is: previous weight 164.1, new weight 163.5, equals -.06 difference. Half a pound at this point is great steady progress in my opinion. My weight goal for this cycle is 160 and it doesn’t look like my average weight will get down to that level before Christmas but who cares? Putting a time limit on my weight loss at this point seems unnecessary. What I really like to see is that I have control over eating and exercise to the extent that my weight loss is consistent.


Time to review what kind of exercise I achieved for the week:

  • 11/29 5583 steps 2.53miles three tier workout aprox 60mins
  • 11/30 4953 2.24
  • 12/1 4222 1.91 three tier workout aprox 60mins
  • 12/2 8976 4.07
  • 12/3 5922 2.68
  • 12/4 5308 2.40 single tier workout aprox 20mins
  • 12/5 3152 1.42 three tier workout aprox 60mins

I was feeling particularly good this of my Keto Reset Diet #5 it seems! 4 workouts and three of them for a full hour. At this point I’ve been back to lifting for over a month and my muscles are back into the swing of things. Maybe not next week but soon I’ll be taking it to an 80 minute workout routine.

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