Westcreek DGC 13-18

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Welcome to Westcreek DGC holes 13-18

Westcreek DGC 13-18 sign

Hello and welcome to my walkthrough of Westcreek DGC 13-18 with my ever faithful and oh so cute Max the original “Baby Doggie”. Enjoy the pics of our late season visit to a long time favorite course.


The 13th is a wide open space with a good sized tree guarding the basket. There are a number of different ways around the guardian, but the thing to consider is do you have one that reaches out 350’+? The last thing I want to see is a perfect throw 30′ short because that puts me right behind the tree.


  • Westcreek DGC #14
  • Guardians in front!

#14 adds some challenge to the mix with a left to right preferred shot shape around trees and great big ol’ power towers. Not to mention the hill that runs down the right side of the fairway that I’ve never been able to hyzer successfully around. At the end of 480′ you find some guardian “logs” just waiting to give your approach a hard time, so enjoy!


  • Westcreek DGC #15

#15 at Westcreek DGC is a par 5! I don’t know about you but par 5’s seem to be hard to come by in this state of Colorado so enjoy the birdy op. Part of that par 5 is a mando about 300′ or so out there. A misplaced shot, as illustrated, makes the second shot tough. Move my shot over 15′ to the right and I could have turned that frown upside down.


  • Westcreek DGC #16

Your wide open drive on #16 will be challenged by a set of, in the words of Big Jerm, “mozzarella Sticks”. It might have been Nate Sexton who used the term, but there are 8 of them and they want to make your birdy approach less than perfect. I like to use my Sexton firebird because I can send it well to the right and it will stable up and finish left around the mozzarella sticks.


  • Westcreek DGC #17

Is the wide open shot with logs in the way at the basket getting old? Ya, me too. This is the last hole with that so enjoy the knowing. 17 lines up as a fun birdy hole with only 416′ to the basket, just watch out for the wind. My approach got up into the wind and got blown behind the big log. I chose to look at it as a learning experience ; ) and a good one at that.


  • Westcreek DGC #18
  • near the top of the hill on 18

What do you do if you have a hill right in front of you and you have to drive over it? Hole 18 demands an answer! For me, on this day, it was a Westside King, underweight at 164g. Launch it up without nosing it up and get it to flex over and then stable up before landing. Once executing a great shot that lands right in the middle of the fairway prepare to be rewarded by working a putt around some old hydro electric generator artfully placed just so.

Thank you

Thanks again for checking out Westcreek DGC 13-18!
Thanks to these guys I get to write this blog. Check out what they can do for you and your pet.
Not a bad day out on Westcreek DGC. Check out UDisc for keeping score or finding your next favorite course.

Thanks again for checking out Westcreek DGC 13-18!