Keto Reset Diet #6

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  • Keto reset diet #6 12-6
  • Keto reset diet #6 12-7
  • Keto reset diet #6 12-8
  • Keto reset diet #6 12-9
  • Keto reset diet #6 12-10
  • Keto reset diet #6 12-11
  • Keto reset diet #6 12-12


Average weight for this week came to 163.0 – 163.5 last week = -0.5lbs weight loss for the week! This close to my goal of 160 I’ll happily take half a pound a week all the way to my goal. I have come to learn that loosing weight is about the long term, not the short term. This is why I average my days over a week, there’s too much noise in daily weigh ins. Another consideration is that I haven’t even really gotten into Ketosis. I feel that I have achieved ketosis here and there to a small extent, but thanks to my free days and not cutting carbs down to close to 25g a day I largely stay out of ketosis.

As I’ve mentioned before, this cycle is a bit more exploratory for me. I want to explore how I can make my diet work for me. Before I have always felt like the diet was working on me and perhaps it was and perhaps it needed to be that way. Getting one’s self down to a large weight loss goal is work until the diet becomes a lifestyle, then it’s just life!


I’ve had these weights for almost 20 years now, I’m glad to have had them.
  • 12-6 4974 steps 2.25 miles 3 tier workout, weight up on second circuit, 60 minutes.
  • 12-7 5841 2.64
  • 12-8 5465 2.47
  • 12-9 2678 1.21
  • 12-10 2061 .93 2 tier workout, same weight both circuits.
  • 12-11 13327 6.04
  • 12-12 3681 1.66

Nothing particularly special about this week’s exercise. I did have quite a walking day on Saturday the 11th but only two actual workouts this week. I’d like to get in three a week as a goal going forward. I may not get that accomplished right away, but I will work toward it.

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