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We’re all familiar with the robot vacuum that cleans up your carpet when you’re not home but now you can have a robot lawn mower that cleans up your lawn while your not home as well! Maybe it’s not new to you but to many this technology has come into it’s own and major name brand manufacturers have available to you top of the line mowers that do the work for you.

What is a robotic mower?

This is the Husqvarna 430HX robotic lawn mower.
This is the Husqvarna 430XH robotic lawn mower.

These mowers work a lot like the vacuums in that they have a charging base that they “live in”. You program them to do what you want when you want. Because, who has the time to mow all the time? One of the requirements of the most reliable mowers is a boundary wire system to keep the mower contained and working where it needs to. There are other options like a GPS based system but these are not as reliable and usually require a subscription so there’s an ongoing fee structure.

How it works.

These mowers have a home base that they use to charge up and “live” in when not out working.

While some may opt to keep these boundary wires above ground serious home owners will want them buried and protected. I recently got the opportunity to install a boundary and guide wire system for a Husqvarna 430XH Automower. This job presented a large mowing area with a front and back yard and two guide wires.

What we do.

Laying in the wire.

Installing the boundary wire constitutes a job all to itself. While it is possible to install the wire above ground most home owners feel that burying the wire is safer and a better long term solution. Another consideration, the protection offered by putting the wire below the surface makes for a more long term solution. Not to mention a much more aesthetic one. Exposed wires weather along with the seasons and Colorado experiences all 4 seasons. Also, when the grass dies back at the end of fall what was once hidden becomes exposed to site, snow, and foot traffic.

By not cutting the corners the mower does a better job.

It is important to understand that different situations in the yard require different installation considerations. Putting the wire in the correct position in relation to the contours of the particular conditions makes a difference. Because the mower relies on this placement, attention to detail counts.

More than simply burying your boundary.

Boundary wires need to get across multiple surfaces.

Installing a boundary wire for your robotic mower entails more than just getting a wire under the grass. Driveways present an obstacle a homeowner is hard pressed to overcome with tools at hand. For instance, a circular driveway requires at least 4 traverses through the cement or asphalt. Or 6 if a guide wire is included. This necessity exists because the mower must access all grass areas but exclude most of the driveway. That way “mowing” the driveway surface is minimized.

Also a robotic mower charges in the back or side of the home. Getting to the far side of the lawn in the front is a long way from “home”. The guide wire gives the mower an easy to follow path home and can be used for programming. How and when it gets to the furthest area away from home base relies on this.

Making sure to get it right.

When choosing Front Range Pet Stop to install your boundary wire a home owner can ensure a safe and proper installation. Attention to detail and an understanding of how the boundary works brings peace of mind. Knowing the boundary is underground and protected from damage helps bring years of worry free mowing. Please see our Angie’s List 5 star review.

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