Lion’s Den DGC in Lake George Colorado

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Playing Lion’s Den DGC in Lake George Colorado Front 9

Lion's Den DGC Park Rules Lake George Community Park.
This is a nice sign for the Lake George Community Park that includes Lion’s Den DGC.

Hole #1

Tee sign for Hole 1 of Lion's Den DGC
These signs are next to the tee pad of each hole.

Welcome to my play through of the Lion’s Den DGC in Lake George Colorado. #1 is not a long hole, but by tucking the basket between some trees it requires a pretty specific throw. I got excited because this starting hole looks beautiful and challenging. What it lacks in length it gains in guardian trees unless you have a perfectly straight disc.


Hole #2 Lion's Den DGC
This is probably the most vanilla hole on the entire course.

The view from the tee gave me a false sense of security because I thought the course continued on this flat field. Because all I could see was wide open alpine meadow I believed this round would prove a bit boring but. Turns out I learned a lot about Lion’s Den DGC. I suggest keeping an eye in this direction because bad weather typically blows out of the west.

The third hole.

Lion's Den DGC hole 3 sign

The nice thing about #3, a back stop helps keep a long throw from going long so you can really let it rip on this tee. Another thing about hold 3, from here forward it gets a lot harder. At this point in my round I had no idea because I never played here before. Another point to take into consideration, keep an eye on the sky. In the pic below you see some pretty dark clouds because rain had just blown over.

Another straight forward hole.


Things begin to get more interesting.

Once I got to the fourth hole I began to understand that this course would be more interesting than I initially thought. First I couldn’t see the basket from the tee, second the elevation change became evident. I began to see where the course continued from this point forward.

On to the 7th hole

The best fence you'll never see.
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