Installing and repairing a hidden fence in Denver.

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In this series of blog posts I will cover many different kinds of hidden fence installations and repairs that Front Range Pet Stop has completed in the Denver Metro Area as well as west of Denver. I will show many different situations that we have encountered in the metro and foothills area. As well, full mountain jobs that require more than your average set of circumstances. Installing are repairing a hidden fence in Denver is what we do.

Mountain and foothill hidden fence installs

There's a buried dog fence in this picture!
Does your yard look like this?

When installing an invisible fence for dogs the Colorado terrain offers a set of challenges that just aren’t encountered in other parts of the country. We enjoy so much beauty and majesty in our state. But those treasures can complicate the installation or repair of a hidden fence on your property. A installation may be unique to your situation. At Front Range Pet Stop we will take a look at the challenges your property presents. And we can offer you a custom solution that fits.

Repairs can be as interesting as installs.

Trees and shrubs grow up over time making finding a break in your hidden fence unique experience.
Somewhere in there is a buried wire for an underground dog fence!

Even when you have installed physical fencing for dogs an electric dog collar fence still makes sense. Essentially it is for the safety and protection of your beloved pet. Because these buried dog fence systems are durable the ecosystem around the original install can change dramatically over the years. Front Range Pet Stop understands this and is prepared to work around the changing landscape that is your yard. We will find the problem and get your in ground dog fence back up and running. Installing and repairing your hidden fence in Denver is our priority. Contact Will to find out more about what we can offer you. He is available to answer your call now, (303) 345-4452.

Electric dog fencing done right.