Chillen at the Englewood Canine Corral

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Englewood Canine Corral

Mature trees and ample seating are available.

The Englewood Canine Corral is a great place to get in some fun time with your pup. Conveniently located off of Windermere street just a couple blocks south of Belleview avenue. This park has a central location between Littleton and Englewood.

Afternoon is a great time to hang out.

The end of the day is a perfect time to visit especially as we move deeper into fall because the lovely setting sun give a warmth and glow to the park. There are plenty of regulars to meet and greet and new folks are always dropping in to check out the seen.

Max is the center of attention!

Max and I have a great time because there always seem to be friendly dogs at this park. As you can see Max is a tiny dog and sometimes has an issue with aggressive dogs. But as you can see these dogs love Max! Max and I come here often because of the convenient location. Not once have we had a problem with the doggos here. I meet friendly people like Chrissy from She is super friendly and I’m thinking of using her to give Max some time outside when I’m not available.

I love this logo!

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