Cold weather pet tips.

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When the weather gets cold take some pet precautions, here are some tips.

People who live in areas experiencing cold weather and winter storms need to take extra precautions to keep their animals safe. Pets left to fend for themselves in cold weather are susceptible to injury and death. Here are some simple tips to ensure that your pet is safe during the winter weather.

Some dogs live for winter weather!
This doggo looks to be in his element!

Be prepared for cold weather.

Prepare for cold snaps by first checking on your favorite weather app or better yet set up alerts to let you know when bad weather is coming. Also, make sure to keep ample supplies of food and other pet necessities like medications on hand during the winter months. For most of us a weeks supply is enough to get us through a winter weather alert. However if you live in a area prone to long winter storms two weeks may be a better choice. If you groom your dog consider allowing for a longer cut over the winter months.

Some dogs suffer the cold.

A few more things to consider.

Even when it is storming outside walks are still going to happen and many breeds love to get out in the snow. Make sure to keep your dog leashed during active winter storms. More dogs get lost during the winter than any other time of the year. And when there’s falling or blowing snow it is possible for excited dogs to run and get disoriented so keep that in mind when out with an excited dog. Also, lakes and streams may pose an extra threat due to thin ice.

How to get your dogs to poop and pee in the snow.
consider having some cold weather gear available so that they are comfy on pee walks

If your caring for a puppy during the winter months have a supply of absorbent pads handy in case the temps drop below safe levels for very young or small puppies. Have the scent on one so that they know where their supposed to go ahead of time. This way you can save on cleanups later. And when it is outside time please consider staying with your dog during especially cold weather. Leaving a dog out side for extended periods of time for a bathroom break may not be healthy even during the day.

Max gets cozy during the cold snap.
Some doggies just want to curl up and stay warm!

If you have an invisible fence for dogs in your yard remember that snow has no effect on how it works, so your dog is as secure as if it were warm outside. Having an electric dog fence is a great solution year round. Having a dog fence keeps your dog safe, and a buried dog fence has pleasing aesthetics and is affordable safety for your dog.

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