Some Dog Toys to Avoid

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Not all toys made good dog toys, which to avoid.

We love to play with our dogs and our dogs love to play with toys!
Many dogs love to play with the toys we give them.
  • Children’s Toys- Toys for children are make with different materials and designs than toys make for dogs and pose choking hazards. Dogs can break off parts and ingest them potentially causing digestive issues as well.
  • Cheap Squeakers- Some toys have cheap squeakers that your dog may also ingest causing choking and ingestion problems much like children’s toys.
  • Tennis Balls- Many people use old tennis balls as toys for their dogs. They aren’t designed for the strength of many dogs bites nor the sharpness of their teeth. There is the problem of ingesting parts of the ball after breaking it open. Also tooth damage from the felt covering can occur.
  • Rope Toys- You can find many rope toys on the market. However some kinds of rope may fray over time and normal play. The fibers get ingested by your dog causing issues as the fibers get trapped in the digestive tract. The build up of these fibers can cause a blockage over time. That can be harmful for your dog and expensive to remedy at the vet.
  • Sticks- So may dogs love to play with sticks that it’s difficult to take them away. Playing fetch with a stick is somewhat iconic when it comes to playing with your dog! The thing to be careful about is when the stick begins to splinter and get into the dogs mouth and digestive system. We recommended to take care with sticks. Remove them as they break down to keep the splinters from becoming a choking hazard. And, as with the other items on this list, splinters can cause digestive problems.
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