Some Safe Dog Toys for Chewers

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Safe dog toys of course!

is this a safe dog toy for chewers?
We want to make sure we keep or fur babies safe after all.

My last post was on unsafe dog toys. It only makes sense to talk about safe dog toys for chewers especially this time of the year. After all, tis the season to give and we all love giving to our little fur babies! So, if there are unsafe toys that can harm out pups what are some safe options?

I went to what sounds like the perfect site for my answer, DogLab. The folks at DogLabs spent a crazy amount of times testing and figuring out some safe choices when it comes to safe dog toys for chewers. These are toys for the most aggressive chewers out there, you know who I talking about.

These toys were tested for durability as well as safety. What is a safe chew toy? Were talking about a toy that won’t break down into parts that can be swallowed and cause problems. Choking is a real hazard as well as GI tract issues when pieces of a toy are ingested by an aggressive chewer.

1. Instead of doughnuts, go for Goughnuts!

These are safe toys for the dog that loves to chew all day long. The ultimate safe dog toy for chewers.
Go nutz for Goughnuts!

DogLabs suggested that the goughnuts ring chew toy is the best choice out there right now for dogs that NEED to chew. Made of rubber and just about indestructible, they made these toys to got the distance. Constructed for the “destroyer” chewer type of dog, goughnuts are tough. But, as mentioned above, these toys will wear out eventually. Lets face it, dogs teeth and jaws can break down bones and those are HARD! With this in mind the makers of goughnuts constructed these toys with a red center to alert you when the toy has been beaten into submission. opens up a goughnuts ring so show the red wear indicator. this makes it a safe dog toy

It took a saw and some elbow grease to get through this tough dog toy. As you can see the tough black outer cover is filled by a soft inner core to give the toy a more fulfilling chew experience. However that core is not delicious bone marrow and should not be eaten by the doggeroo. So the distinctive red color is a wear indicator, it lets you know that it’s time to pack that well chewed toy up and ship it back to goughnuts for a replacement! Be aware that shipping and return shipping costs must be paid by the customer returning the item.

Rings aren’t for everydog… has many shapes and sizes for your puperonie.
I prefer hotdogs to doughnuts!

Goughnuts understands that not every dog out there has a thing for doughnuts or there shape. So, if you to go to their web site you’ll find a nice variety of shapes and toys and colors. They also offer different levels of durability for those hard to shop for destroyer chewers so they have a safe dog toy too! It’s a nice web site and even has a wholesale link in case you want to help get goughnuts out into the world!

2. Safe dog toys for those size challenged pups in our lives.

This is not the hurley shaped toy, instead a treat can be stuck into this toy for more fun and it's still safe for your dog.

The bone shape is classic and loved by dogs going way way back. And its a safe toy

Not every dog can get busy with a bagel shaped toy. It may not fit their diminutive jaws. And, those tough goughnuts are heavy. So our second safe dog toy option for the aggressive chewer; west paw’s hurley toy. This is another rubber toy built to last. It has a fun bone shaped design that rolls around and gives your tinier dog some play along with the chew. They have multiple sizes because tiny dogs aren’t all the same. But, if your tiny dog needs a tough chew that’s a different shape that a doughnut/bagel then this option may be for you.

Westpaw provides a large selection for safe dog toys for chewers. Please feel free to take some time to look through their slick website for options other than the hurley toy. They provide many shapes and sizes and some are built to float for your water oriented doggie fun time.

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