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Safe toys for chewers part 2

Puppy chewing on rope toy
Sometimes chewing starts when they’re just pups! Make sure it’s safe for them. This one not so much.

Welcome back to part 2 of my Safe Toys for Chewers post. Even though it’s after Christmas we still buy chew toys for our beloved fluff buckets. Most of us get them “as needed” to keep the wrong things becoming the next fun thing to get chewed on. I covered a couple of safe and durable choices in my last post. I found a couple more choices for this one.

The Kong Extreme is a classic durable chew toy.

Oakley enjoys his Kong chew toy with reckless abandon! Follow link to see more about using Kong toys,
Oakley seems to be having fun! Follow the link for fun Kong ideas.

The Kong chew toys is a classic that has been around forever. It has changed little, but it has also stood the test of time. This fun toy stands up to a lot of wear and tear and even includes a space inside for dog treats to make it even more enticing to your chew loving fur baby. One of the fun things about it is that when thrown it bounces in random directions. This can double the fun for your pup if it is a fetcher and a chewer! Also, Kong makes these in the USA and always tests to make sure their toys are safe and long lasting.

The Benebone wishbone chew.

Nylon dog chews are popular but may not be right for your dog.
Though I’m not entirely sure about nylon bones, a lot of dogs seem to enjoy them.

Nylon dog chews have been sold for a long time. They may not be the best choice for some but are beloved by many a chewer. The Benebone is a good choice when it comes to nylon chew toys. They flavor the nylon to entice your mellow chewer into sticking with a toy rather than one of your personal items. Also, its shape can make for easier holding by puppy dog paws. Not recommended for highly aggressive chewer however. Even with the “super durable” nylon used for this toy it damage happens. Small sharp pieces can form so keep an eye on the toy and break them off before your chewer does. And remember to replace the toy when it gets old and overly damaged.

Another way to keep your doggo safe.

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