Spike Named the Oldest Living Dog

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Spike named the oldest living dog by Guinness

Being too serious can set your back in training.
I am so super serious right now, what’s going on?

Meet Spike, now considered by the Guinness Book of World Records to be the oldest living dog in the world. His birth date is estimated to be in November of 1999 which makes him over 23 years old! Spike became the oldest living dog when his predecessor Gino Wolf, who was verified in Los Angeles on November 15, 2022 as the then oldest at 22 years and 52 days.

Rita Kemball found Spike over 14 years ago, chained in a parking lot, abused and abandoned. She took him in after finding out from a grocery clerk that he had been left for 3 days. Rita removed the chain from Spike’s neck and he just jumped up into her truck like he knew there was a future for him with Rita. She took him to her farm and he adjusted to life there and never looked back.

Being too serious can set your back in training.
I am so super serious right now, what’s going on?

In his time there he has navigated the pitfalls of farm life surviving a number of encounters with other animals on the farm and come back stronger for it. Now that Spike is in his golden years he enjoys celebrity status in the family. As a lot of older chaps his sight and hearing are showing the wear of time. He spends his time taking his ease on the farm spending time with family and friends and the many animals he knows on the farm.

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