how to have the respect of your dog pt 2

How to have the respect of your dog pt 2

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Have the respect of your dog by understanding a dogs life.

one way to have the respect of your dog is to understand a dogs life.
That dog looks like it is ready to do whatever comes next.

What is a dog’s life anyway and why does it matter when it comes to how to have the respect of your dog? How can a we understand what a dog experiences and how they process information? We go back to where dogs originated, back to where it all started. It has been estimated that the first wolf human interaction go back as far as 40,000 years ago in Europe when wolves began scavenging scraps from modern but ancient humans. These people were modern in the sense that they looked and thought as we do, only with a point of view of a hunter gatherer and not shopper purchaser.

We can imagine these wolves were not the pack leaders but lived at the bottom of the wolf pack structure. They existed on the leftovers of the higherups. With this frame of reference one can understand that living off the leftovers of humans may have been much the same. Only with new and powerful pack leaders using tools and hunting larger game. As such they understood the advantage of submitting to the pack leader, and in this scenario submitting to human who may have very well been at the bottom of the human power structure. Whatever the case, bonding occurred and eventually led to Great Danes and Dachshunds.

How a dogs life makes us responsible.

With this in mind we can understand that humans dominated the every aspect of dog development. And, it follows that we have the responsibility to care for them and understand their needs. Understanding our dogs needs necessitates some knowledge about them. These are animals that we in a sense created. The world never saw a dog before we forged one from wild wolves. We forged them from wolves that came from the bottom of the pack so that they would see us as the pack leader. Knowing this helps us to understand that a dogs life looked like in the past. Dogs live a life in service to us, to humans who give them everything, good and not so good.

A dog’s life is about following a leader.

Front Range Pet Stop A dog's life is about following a leader.
See how the dog follows the leader of the pack and knows the job. This is a happy dog!

A dog’s life can follow just about any path. It all comes down to the human who cares for him or her. They may not care at all about what that path is unless they have been bred to do a certain job. Dogs bred to work a certain job like herding sheep for example will have a drive to do that job. It’s literally bred into them! So we can help to lead our dogs by understanding them and sometimes that means understanding their breed. Other times that means understanding that we are the leader, whether we act like it or not. A dog looks to us and we take that into account or we don’t. Understanding a dogs life give us access to how to have the respect of our dog.

Another way to have the respect of your dog.

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