When my dog barks at the Doorbell

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What do I do when my dog barks at the doorbell and won’t stop?

A good boy guarding the door.
This good boy is ready to keep an eye on his domain.

We rarely doubt that our dogs love us. They sometimes show it by protecting us and our space. While this can be an endearing trait that grows our love, it can get out of hand. One way this desire to protects becomes an annoyance shows up when someone announces themselves at the door. Many of us have a sweet hearted pup who looses their mind at the ring of the doorbell or a knock at the door. Simply put the dog barks at the doorbell.

If you are like me you have a cutie pie that turns guard dog every time someone stops by to say hi or deliver something. With Max I get annoyed because he does not get aggressive, only loud. Some of us have larger dogs that mean well but take it too far. In either case we can take a positive step away from the door and build on a basic training block.

Where or where to start?

Dog places at his bed on command. This is where to go instead of bark at the doorbell.
Every dog needs to have his or her “place”.

The first step involves training your doggo to “place”. This is usually a bed, pillow or crate that you designate at your dog’s go to spot. When given the command “place” they know where to go and to do it immediately. While for many this training may seem redundant. For others like me, with a free range pup, we have neglected to lock this basic command into place, as it were.

Make it a rewarding experience.

My dog loves rewards to stop barks at the doorbell
Doggies love getting rewarded.

I suggest the mark and treat technique. I will do a follow up blog on how to do this in more detail. It involves using a sound and a reward when the dog follows the command. Mark and reward when your dog goes to their place on command. Next combine a doorbell or door knock with the “place” command, then mark and reward only when they go to their place. Then, with some time and reps, replace the verbal command with the sound of the doorbell or knock.

Once you get to this stage the command to place becomes the doorbell/knock. When someone comes to visit and announces themselves a the door your sweet floof will go straight to their place and await their well earned reward!

Another way to reward your doggo and keep them safe.

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