What it Looks Like, the Respect of your Dog

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How to Have the Respect of your Dog pt 4

When dogs show respect they understand that we lead them, not the other way around.

One way your know your dog respects you is when they walk with you instead of trying to lead during walks. This doesn’t mean that they have to be there during the entire walk. Sometimes with an extendable leash it makes sense to let them roam and get a little more exercise. But, when it’s time they follow the leader.

You have the respect of your dog when they come to you when called.

It is always important for your dog to come when called, and it is a basic show of respect. When you can call your pup to you, even when they are distracted, and they come it shows they have respect for you and your leadership.

Another way your dog shows you respect is by relaxing while your otherwise occupied.

We are busy and have plenty going on in our lives. When we are otherwise occupied your dog shows respect by being relaxed and keeping calm.

Your dog shows you respect by staying calm when you leave the house or come home.

Staying calm when leaving the house and coming home is a hallmark of respect from your li’l buddy.

Dogs show respect by keeping themselves entertained.

Dogs show respect for their owners when they perform self play and keep themselves occupied instead of acting out for attention.

You know your have the respect of your dog when they wait on your command and don't jump for food or to leave the home.

Waiting for your command before going after food or going out the door is a key show of respect from your fur baby.

Another way to keep your doggo safe.

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