3 Rules for Better Leash Walking #1

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This three part post focuses on better leash walking when it’s time to get out of the yard and go for an extended walk. We all know getting exercise is great for us and our dog(s) for a number of reasons. Better behavior while out on a leash will protect both you and your pup as well as encourage more and longer walks.

Rule 1 for leash walking

A calm dog is ready for a leash walk.

1) Never begin a walk until your dog displays calm behavior

If you often take your dog to locations where you have to drive to the walk, the first rule is that the dog never exits her vehicle with an excessive amount of energy. Not going on a walk via the car? You can do the same just don’t let your dog out the front door if they’re going mad. If they try to push past you or run on dragging you with them then stop and put them back inside.

“I then open up the car door and if it happens again, I repeat that process. I load the dog up in the car and I shut the car door to reset,” DeBard explains, “Most of the time it takes a few tries and the dog immediately starts watching you and hesitating a little bit.” When this happens you should reward them with verbal praise or one of the best dog treats.

Another way to keep your doggo safe.

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