3 Rules for Better Leash Walking #3

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Rule 3

The last rule for better leash walking is to use small spaces to work on fundamentals and in new environments.

Walking in a small space is a good way to work on fundamentals.

3) Take the training to a small area outside

“I don’t normally take dogs on long walks whenever I’m introducing them into new environments. Instead, I’ll take up a small space and work on our heel,” notes DeBard. During this time you should work on different walking elements such as following, stopping and pace variation. DeBard encourages owners using this step to allow their dogs lots of brakes in between training, letting them sniff on their breaks. “This way a dog can take in their new environment in a healthy way with a nice balanced approach,” she says.

She doesn’t say that these rules have to be used every time you go for a walk with your dog but it can help teach your dog the kind of manners and behaviors you expect to see from them when going for a walk in a new environment. More importantly, it will help make the walking experience much more pleasurable for you both. 

Another way to keep your doggo safe.

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