How do you Teach your Dog to Place?

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Teach your dog to place

How to begin to teach your dog to place!

Shape getting on:

1. Stand near the bed and wait for your dog to interact with it. (If your dog is struggling you can switch to luring them on with a treat in hand)
2. Say Yes and reward on the bed when your dog does interact. This can be just 1 paw or 2, or getting all the way onto the bed.

Repeat from different angles and approaches until your dog is consistent!

Add verbal cues:

1. Cue to get on: say this cue as your dog approaches the bed each time. (
2. Cue for release: Give this cue followed by tossing a treat to prompt your dog to get off.

Repeat multiple repetitions!

Practice the D’s:

1. Distance: Movement around and away from the bed. Build up slowly!
2. Duration: Time between treats and time on bed. Add time slowly!

Practice Practice Practice!

Next steps:

Add distractions
Build up more duration and distance
Proof the skill in new locations
Fade the treat toss from your release cue and lure to get on the bed if you used one

Happy Training!

Watch the video >here<

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