1 How to Stop Your Dog from Jumping

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How to Stop Your Dog from Jumping

Photo by Bethany Ferr: dog jumping up

1 How to Stop Your Dog from Jumping:
Ignore your dog’s jumping behavior.

The first and best thing you can do is ignore your dog. We know it’s hard disregarding that adorable face, but walk right by or stand really still. Dogs read body language to gauge their surroundings, and this will teach your pup that they won’t get attention by jumping up.
By moving away or walking past your dog, your body language says, “I’m not giving you attention.”
Think of it as acting like a tree. Don’t move. Don’t speak.
Try the “turn your back” technique if you find ignoring your furry friend to be a bit tough. All you have to do is turn around when they try to jump up.
When your dog calms down and places all paws on the floor, bend over and acknowledge them with plenty of cuddles.

Join me next week when we cover step 2: Ask your friends to ignore your dog’s jumping too. Thanks for starting the process of improving your and your dog’s life! I look forward to having your join me next week.

Another way to keep your doggo safe.

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