7: How To Keep Your Dog From Jumping Up

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7: How To Keep Your Dog From Jumping Up, Teach your Dog to Stay

How to keep your dog from jumping up 7, teach them to stay.

7: How To Keep Your Dog From Jumping Up, Teach your dog to “stay.”
When accompanied with “sit,” “stay” can prevent your pup from running up to a guest or stranger and jumping up on them. The word “stay” tells your pup to relax and keep still. Here are some tips for teaching your pup “stay:”[10]
* Start by teaching “sit,” moving on to “stay” once mastered.
* Only reward when your pup is completely still and doesn’t move.
* Increase the distance you move away after commanding “sit” over time.
* Train “sit” and “stay” by a front door to encourage friendly greetings.

Another way to keep your doggo safe.

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