Week 11/1 through 11/7 Keto reset

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I am reviewing the second week 11/1 through 11/7 of recorded calories and exercise not to mention my average weight for the week and how that changed from the week before. I might as well start there.
start: 168.8
week 1 ave: 166.2
week 2 ave: 166.0

Say What! I only lost .2 lb for the week? How can this be and why aren’t I way down again… that is not what is going on in my mind. Have a look at the Tracker for the week and it will tell a much different story from last week, my first week. I didn’t cut myself thin like I did last week, instead I went over my pretty low daily goal of 1904 calories for the day. It was a better job of easing myself into the keto metabolism. At this point I haven’t even checked for ketones. Instead I work on tracking, weighing, and choosing what to do and eat.

Exercise can be fun, Max looks like he’s having a blast!

What did I do?

Week 2 as follows:
11/1: 3822 steps 1.7mi, three tier workout
11/2: 268 1.21 mi
11/3: 4893 2.21 mi, single tier lift
11/4: 8324 3.77 mi
11/5: 6826 3.09 mi, single tier lift
11/6: 4732 2.14 mi
11/7: 2943 1.33 mi

A bit about my workout, it is a circuit exercise that I started using when I first lost my weight and got into better shape. It started as 9 exercises:
1. Side arm raises, lowest weight.
2. Front arm raises, next weight up.
3. Triceps lift behind head, another weight up.
4. Military press, another weight up.
5. Curls, another weight up.
6. Double bent rows, top weight.
7. Pushups using dumbbells as grips with extra reps..
8. Crunches with oblique alternative sides with extra reps.
9. Challis squat with the same weight as the bent double rows.
I always do my best to get this circuit done in 15 minutes. The circuit I do now has been added to and I’ll talk more about that next time.

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