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Little Dry Creek Dog Park, Westminster Colorado

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Little Dry Creek Dog Park is conveniently located just a few blocks west of Wadsworth Blvd at the intersection of Lowell and 69th Pl in Westminster Colorado North of Denver. I happened to be in the area helping a friend and drove to the park with no problems at all. I could see the park from the road which I like because who likes having to turn around a go back to the missed turn? Parking proved sufficient but it could get crowded on a nice weekend evening if everyone decides to show up at the same time.

This view of the Little Dry Creek Dog Park gives you a good idea of just how large it is.
A birds eye view of the park.

Seating and water are available.

The park provides some convenient seating with tables so there’s one less thing to worry about. However none of it sits under the trees or other shade and that could affect one’s comfort during the middle of the day. I arrived close to mid day but got lucky and found a lot of cloud cover to kept the temps down. As usual I found secure entry to both small and large dog areas. So no worries about loose dogs escaping the unleashed zones.

The setup here is ok if you don’t mind sitting in the sun.
You can see the parking lot and the small dog area in this shot.

There’s quite a lot of room for a small breed dog.

The small dog section of the park has plenty of room for your half pint pup to roam. The divider between the two opens easily. I discovered it open when I arrived but didn’t mind. Max makes friends easily and enjoys both large and small acquaintances but it can close quite easily. Also, fences all around have multiple cables that do a pretty good job keeping the dogs on the correct side of the fence. However Max’s short stature allowed him to evade the boundary in a couple of sections.

The small dog area can be seen in the background.
Wide open are for small dogs at Little Dry Creek Dog Park
Small dog area is seen with the gate to open up both areas.

There’s even more room for your large breed dog.

The large dog area shines at Little Dry Creek Dog Park. Wide open spaces and shady places invite you to take some time and let your dog roam all over. I particularly enjoyed the many trees that dot the space. Irrigation makes sure they stay alive and well, so no brown dying trees. The footing provides great traction for running and frolicking no matter what size pup you bring to Little Dry Creek Dog Park Westminster Colorado.

The big dog area is actually quite large as you can see.
Great view of the large dog area of Little Dry Creek Dog Park
There are a decent amount of trees in the big dog area so shade is available.
Agility areas down in the north end of the large dog area!

Watch your step.

The only thing that brought down Max and my experience, dodo bombs. I know to expect a few here and there, unfortunately I noticed doggie doo all around the park. I suppose that part of the reason could be that on the pea gravel surface there’s no where for it to hide. But, in fact, I saw it over an over again. Honestly Max could care less about some droppings here and there because for a dog like him they might as well not have been there.

Not everyone got the message to pick up after their dog : (

Thanks to Front Range Pet Stop for giving me a space to put up this blog. Locally owned and operated, with products designed and manufactured right here in the US. If you want to keep your doggo in the yard but don’t want to muck up your view of beautiful Colorado with an ugly above ground fence give Will a call. He always pics up : D

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