How to Stop a Dog from Jumping Up on People

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How to Stop a Dog from Jumping Up on People

Is there anything better than your dog greeting you? Their little tail wags, and all they want is to kiss you, but what do you do when your pup starts jumping up on you or other people? Jumping is normal behavior for dogs—it’s how they channel their excitable energy and ask for attention. However, jumping-up behavior can be disruptive, especially to strangers. We’ve got everything you need to know about dogs jumping up on strangers, from the whys to the hows. Read on to learn how to keep your furry friend on their best behavior.

This article is based on an interview with our certified dog trainer and behaviorist, Sheri Williams, owner of Check out the full interview here.

Photo by Blue Bird: dog jumping

Why do dogs jump up on people?

Dogs jump up because they want attention.
If your pup meets someone new or is waiting at the door for you, they’ll most likely jump up from the excitement of getting some extra pats. Your doggo is so excited to receive praise and belly rubs that they’ll jump and jump until they get the attention they seek.
This isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Jumping is normal dog behavior but can be a little rude, especially if your pup accidentally knocks someone down with their glee.
It can be easy to accidentally reinforce jumping behavior. You’re just as excited to give your pup all the attention they crave that you may find yourself praising them when they jump up.
Try not to beat yourself up about it if you’re dog has started jumping up on people. This behavior can easily be untaught with the right training techniques.

The next 10 entries contain the the right techniques to transform your jumper into a calmer safer dog. Check in next week to see step one!

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